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a CIO/CEO* who wants to improve his business
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The CIO Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance - Christmas Special

This book is not just for senior executives who are on a mission to jack up the performance of their project portfolios, and who are no longer satisfied that established "best practices" are sufficient to achieve their organizations' business and mission objectives. The book is for all the managers who want to get CIO/CEO too.

The authors cut through the confusion and zealotry of leading improvement approaches, and distill them down to a practical set of specific techniques you can apply for maximum benefit to your IT project portfolio.

If you seek a carefully designed set of proven, harmoniously integrated techniques engineered to deliver significantly higher performance thresholds—all presented in a concise, focused manner with executive audiences in mind—then this book is for you. 

We had a lot of fun writing the book and so far have received a lot of very positive feedback from readers. So let's go:

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  • After you have read the book you can get a free potential check for your organization. Send us your favorite technique from the CIO Guide and we will send you an excel sheet** for your self-assessment of the symptoms and the benefit to your bottom line if you follow the book's recommendations.
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  • For you to go even further we have an in depth online symptom and potential analysis**. You will get a detailed analysis and a good idea how you and your orgnization should proceed
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* Of course you may want to modify the captions to your taste. It would be a great breakthrough to see more and more women in leadership positions.

** Both the excel self-assessment and the online symptom analysis are available in German.