Section - Fitness of the Division or Company

This section is the smallest one. It just gives some hints about whether the division/company is fit for the change. If it is too small, it has just external influences or no possibility to really decide then it makes no sense to start a change.

“Amount of added value”

If you have all of the added value in your division or company then it will be easy. You can change the way of working and with nearly no delay you will see the results.

In normal projects you always have supplier or cross functional departments involved. That can be managed to. But if this is getting too big or if all work packages on the critical chain are done by third parties then your problem is not within your organisation – instead you have to change the world around you.

So we recommend that at least 60% of the added value is done by your division or company. But it's not the added value alone. It is more the amount of duration of the project you have under control.

“(Project) Governance”

Changing the project management is a structural change and has many implications. Sometimes we are faced by the desire of organisations to change towards Critical Chain but they do not have the possibility to change some central parts – real governance is missing. Important aspects that have to be covered:

  •     Possibility to change role descriptions and processes.
  •     Possibility to change the reporting and KPI.
  •     Ability to decide about which projects to start and which due dates are 
  •     Ability to decide about personal and resource planning.

For a quick a sustainable change it is a pre-condition that for the division or company you have a clear governance.


Small organisations do not need big project management. Below 100 involved people everybody knows each other and there are many intact feedback loops that help to reach goals. For a significant project you need a minimum of 15 people so below 100 people you do not have many projects. For a full blown critical chain in project management you need a multi project environment.

Of course there are successful Critical Chain implementations below 100 people but normally you do not have to undergo a big change to realise the benefits.

So we recommend at least a size of above 100 involved persons to implement Critical Chain effectively.