As user I want to change and know more about what templates are available and how the Blue-Dolphin process workds

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As supporter (consultant) I want to help others to change and therefore learn more about how to build templates and learn how the Blue-Dolphin process workds

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Presentation of a Case Study of the first Blue-Dolphin Change Project

2019-09-25 8:00 EST

Less is More: How to Get Better Results Faster out of Changes – with very small Effort from Top-Management and Consulting

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Coming Soon - Blue Dolphin - 2019-10-23

Blue Dolphin will be a community platform for self-organized Changes based on Theory of Constraints!


We see that there is so powerful knowledge about how to bring systems and people to FLOW - But it's not available for all and hard to apply!

We will change that!

Easy to use self-organized changes for all who want to change or want to support changes!


you have to hire consultants to geht the knowledgeall the knowledge you need is packaged in a template
you have to deal with the consultants - they want to earn money with daysyou do most of the change on your own - consultants are just supporter when needed
when the consultants are gone you have to deal with all the problems alonethe platform provides a whatdog to detect deviatiations and there is always someone who helps
most ist done on siteonline is key
for each change you want to do you have to find an new appropriate consultantthe platform will provide many small or even big templates for different kind of changes - all in one place
consulting is expensive and hard to getsupport based on templates is much cheaper and easy to order
experience you gained is lost or at least stays with the consultantuser and supporter work tightly together to build and improve the templates


Right now two Templates are available and ready to use:

  1. agile team/single project - so you have a team or a project you want to bring to the agile world
  2. agile/classig multi project portfolio - so you have not just one project but a whole bunch of them. Maybe some of them or parts of them already agiel and you want to scale this and improve

In Future there will be more Templates e.g. production, sales, accounting. But also new user generated ones - it's all open.


  • the changes will heavily rely on self-organization principles and applications of the theory of constraints
  • the changes will be done mainly on your own - and due to support from experience practitioner as backup, you will enjoy high security
  • the changes will be based on ideas out of the theory of constraints to really make an impact for you, your team or your unit
  • the changes will be based on standardized templates that include a lot of experience and best practice - and due to the standardization, they enable a new freedom to adjust to your individual situation
  • it will be a community of users and supporter - applicants and experts who all exchange their experience to refine and build up new templates